Record of Wrong

Episode 4: ‘I was the only one left’

June 8, 2021

Nearly 25 years after a Wright County, Minnesota death investigation was ruled “inconclusive,” authorities reopen it as a murder case. The testimony of one man battling mental illness is used to build a case against three men in the 1979 death of Jeffrey Hammill. While one takes a deal and another is acquitted, Terry Olson is left with the murder conviction. And he still carries it - even though the chief witness has long since recanted.

Record of Wrong is a KARE 11 podcast that delves deep into the world of the criminal justice system, from the perspective of the people appealing their convictions. This six-part series hosted by KARE 11's Emily Haavik examines the towering obstacles to prove innocence after conviction, and the burden those people carry long after they have been freed.

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